Pet Tales

We have invited the Pets of the Parish to send in their write-ups as and when they get the time which will be posted here whenever we receive them.

A snippet from Spot Morgan’s Buckland Court diaries

Well, I was mucky and escaped from work for a while – thought I’d earned a snack or two so off to see my friends Dylan and Nel at Buckland Court.

I’m very pleased with the way I’ve trained their owners. Today I knocked the door with my paw at Dylan’s and his master came first knock to open it – two treats! Then off round to Nel’s, her missus got some treats and we met at the back gate. They have been quick learners!

Paw note: When I’m told ‘go find master’ by Nel’s missus I walk away, look back with my very best sad eyes and that sometimes earns me an extra treat. Then it’s off down the lane to another place I’m Wellcombe for some more!

Such a hard day at work!