Pet Tales

We have invited the Pets of the Parish to send in their write-ups as and when they get the time which will be posted here whenever we receive them.

A snippet from Spot Morgan’s Buckland Court diaries

Well, I was mucky and escaped from work for a while – thought I’d earned a snack or two so off to see my friends Dylan and Nel at Buckland Court.

I’m very pleased with the way I’ve trained their owners. Today I knocked the door with my paw at Dylan’s and his master came first knock to open it – two treats! Then off round to Nel’s, her missus got some treats and we met at the back gate. They have been quick learners!

Paw note: When I’m told ‘go find master’ by Nel’s missus I walk away, look back with my very best sad eyes and that sometimes earns me an extra treat. Then it’s off down the lane to another place I’m Wellcombe for some more!

Such a hard day at work!

What I Did On My Holiday By Dylan Moore


I spent two weeks in West Wales with my owners where I've been before but couldn't remember much about it.  We stayed at an old farmhouse high up in the hills and we were looking after Mollie, a dalmation, Suki, a Burmese cat, 2 peacocks and a peahen [Nehru, Gandhi and Biriani - such stupid names], 8 chickens and two goldfish. Mollie is ok but I soon remembered that she is a bit mad and very spotty, although I don't think there is any treatment for that.  I found Suki on the first night hiding under the dresser so soon got her out of the house- she spent the rest of the time out in the barn, although I did spot her a few times and had a good bark at her.

We had to feed the peacocks and chickens each morning and collect the eggs.  Then we would feed the fish, who were very boring - they lived in a stone trough in the garden and just seemed to swim round and round all day.  We had to put lots of peanuts out for the birds and there was a lovely great spotted woodpecker there most days which I'd never seen before.  Then we would have a good walk around the orchard and the vegetable garden and then go and see the deer who live in the next field.  There were some very large beasts with huge antlers and they made lots of roaring noises and were getting very friendly with the lady deer.

We would walk to the end of the lane each lunchtime to get the mail from a box - they don't have a nice postman like Dave who comes to the house each day.  We would have a nap in the afternoon then go out around the garden again before tea and then a lovely snooze in front of the television.  There were lots of new smells and places to investigate so I had a lovely time but it was nice to get home and see my friends, especially Nel who had had another accident and hurt her other back leg - that girl is very accident-prone.