From the Farm 18/19 Winter Update

The UK Weather is remarkable with this winter report coming in early January.

After such a dry Summer there was a severe shortage of Straw for bedding purposes.

Nature has gone a long way to rectify the problem with a kind Autumn to keep Cattle outdoors for longer than usual.

When the rain came it was time to house them but being so mild pneumonia can be a problem due to lack of 'fresh air' and many cattle have been left out a bit longer.

The exceptional dry period since Christmas has enabled these hardy animals to enjoy extra time in the fields without doing much damage to the turf.

The early lambing has also enjoyed this wonderful weather which will give the little ones a great start.

Most sheep are scanned these days with a lower percentage conceived this time . Probably due a slow recovery from the hot summer.

Winter cereals were sown in good time and germinated quickly to give a good root structure before the late autumn rains came.There has been very little run off with soil erosion as a result.

Most Farmers should be content this winter .It only remains to wait for Spring and the effect of leaving Europe.!!!!