Summer Update 2018

What an amazing summer it has been with continued sunshine day after day with not many 'British' moans, both local and tourist.

Even the farm animals have relaxed after such a very wet April . If they have shade and water they seem to thrive without an abundance of grazing.

However, those highly productive farms driven by supermarket contracts are suffering due to the lack of moisture.

Fertiliser means nothing without some rain, so extra cuts of silage have been light if not non-existent.  The grazing cattle have been reaching across fencing for anything green.

This is a reminder of the great drought of '76 when the grass didn't grow until late September.

It's late July and the Winter Barley and a lot of the winter oats and oil seed rape has been harvested.

The weekend of 28th/30th will be remembered for the wind and rain which will be some sort of a saviour.

Unlike thunder rain the wind blew it into the soil to avoid 'run off' which might have caused blocked drains and flooding.

It was very unfortunate for many planned events, some of which were cancelled.

We can only hope it's better for Kingsbridge Show on Sat 1st Sept, held here in our Parish at Borough Farm by kind permission of the Smaridge Family.