The Defibrillator & Phone Box



In 2016, Buckland Tout Saints Parish Council raised money through a number of fund raising events for a defibrillator that is now installed at Buckland Court.

The Lifeline Defibrillator is state of the art equipment that is able to talk the user through the steps to potentially save a life.

Directions to the defibrillator are as follows: From the centre of the village turn north towards Buckland Court. Take the second left, walk past Longclose House and the Defibrillator is stored in the cupboard under the archway into Buckland court.


 The Phone Box

Goveton is home to a rather special Phone Box that sits in the centre of the village. Having learned that the box could be at risk of being removed due to lack of use, the box was purchased from BT for the huge sum of £1 in 2008 as part of their 'adopt a box' scheme. There were 2 previous attempts to adopt the box that failed so a lot of research and planning went into having the application approved and thankfully, it was. 

Once under parish ownership, it was decided that the box could be put to use as a library, or book exchange, and it has been well used ever since with people donating and taking out books regularly.

Give it a try!