The Parish Council

Buckland Tout Saints Parish Council is responsible for the well-being of the parish. The council represents the local community, delivers services to meet local needs and strive to improve the quality of life that makes Buckland Tout Saints such a fantastic place to live.

It is our intention to create more opportunities for residents to play an active role in the community, participate in more activities and take the opportunity to attend Parish Council meetings where their views can be heard and make a difference.

The Parish Council is made up of a number of councillors who meet regularly to make decisions on the work and direction of the council, and is responsible to the people it represents.   Attending a council meeting is the best way to find out what it does.

The Parish Council meet every two months at Buckland Tout Saints Hotel at 7:30pm throughout the year (additional meetings in the intervening months are held if there are any planning issues to be discussed).  Dates of meetings together with agendas and minutes can be found here and on the noticeboards in Goveton and Ledstone.

How we formally operate:
Click here to see our Standing Orders
Click here to see our Financial Regulations
Click here to see the Code of Conduct
Click here to see our Statement of Internal Control

Elections 2019
Please click here to see the uncontested election results, April 2019, for Buckland-tout-Saints Councillors.
Please click here to see the Notice of Election for the SW Electoral Region for the European Parliamentary Election 23rd May 2019.
Please click here to see the Notice of Poll for District Councillor for Allington & Strete Ward, 2nd May 2019